Food: Steak in Pontocho Kyoto

Pontocho is famous in Kyoto for being an old styled street with some very classy resturants frequented by maiko and geisha.


In the summer many of them build wooden terraces across the water at the back, so you can sit out and enjoy the summer evening air.

I was super lucky to have steak at one of the mid range restaurants the other day, Inayoshi.

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Osaka: Dog Tail Dog Cafe

I still miss my dog in England and crave some puppy love, so I love meeting other dogs in Japan. I’m the weird lady who smiles at cute dogs on the street.

Recently cat cafes, rabbit cafes and owl cafes have been popular. Most of the dog cafes I find are cafes for dogs and their owners with a dog friendly menu.

So I was really excited by Dog Tail cafe.


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