Tokyo Disneysea: Halloween Villains 2015

At the beginning of October I visited TDS with the lovely Kelsey. It was a really hard to choose whether to go to Tokyo Disneyland or Disneysea…TDL seems more halloweeny and they have the Haunted Mansion which becomes Nightmare Before Christmas themed and a halloween parade. On the other hand TDS has the Tower of Terror, not halloween themed but fun and spooky, a halloween villains watershow, Duffy and beer. TDS won by a slither.

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DisneySea: Summer Festival and Journeys with Duffy

I love Disneyland and Disneysea in Japan, although this was my first time to go in summer. The new Summer Festival event and Journeys with Duffy events started at the beginning of July.


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A weekend in Tokyo (day 2)

The following day in Tokyo the weather was pretty miserable :( I got up fairly early, had the hostels Japanese breakfast and walked to Ueno Park.

On the way.

Ueno Park! Wow. The cherry blossom provided a canopy to walk under for as far as the eye could see.

Despite the rain people were still out having hanami parties! I saw one group wrapped in bubble wrap!

After I’d walked the length and back and sat and had a pastry I decided to head to the Skytree Mall.

I checked out Q-pot and the Rilakkuma store but didn’t buy anything, I just got some Denki Bran for J and some Tokyo Banana for work.

I walked from the Skytree to the Sumida River to look at some more cherry blossom near the Asahi building. Then on to Asakusa for lunch.

I had one of my all time favorites – Tendon Tenya! I even bought a couple of bottles of their delicious sauce to take back with me.

It was nearly 3pm so I went back to the hostel to collect my bag and make my next plans. I said goodbye to the staff.

Aren’t they so sweet?

The rain had let up a little so decided to stick to my plan of going to DisneySea with their after 6pm ticket!


I waited and read my book for a while, then just before 6 joined a que with the rest of the waiting people. The ticket guy introduced himself and asked us if we were ready, and were we going to have a good time to which we all chanted hai hai hai! At 6 on the dot we were allowed in.

My favorite ride is the Tower of Terror but it had a 160min wait! Woah. The park closes at 10pm so wouldn’t have time for anything else. Instead I went to some gift shops to buy Duffy merchandise.


I walked around a bit taking it all in.


Then joined a que to meet the man himself – Duffy!

Yay! I got a hug and a high five!

At 8pm the light show started on the water so I headed back to the waterfront to watch.


That’s Cinderella at the top and a boat of Snow White characters.

My bus was leaving from the Disney car park at 10.10pm and couldn’t miss it, so while the fireworks were starting I headed out the park to go home.


My shopping haul –