Hidden Japan

I ordered a new Japan travel guide at the weekend as all our books were at least 3 years old.


Although I thought we had done all the main touristy things in Tokyo and Kyoto, according to the book we have only done 11/30 must do things in Japan.

So what are your must see/do things in Japan?


Toy Parade

Just a quick snap from last weekend when I wore Toy Parade – its one of my all time favourite Angelic Pretty prints. I had mixed feelings when I saw it had been rereleased as I paid over the odds for the skirt, but the new release skirt is a slightly different style. Plus I’ve had nearly 3 years of enjoyment out of mine.


Skirt – AP Toy Parade
Cutsew – AP Petite Patisserie
Cardigan – AP Sugary Carnival
Headbow – Innocent World
Bow necklace and shoes – AP


Flights and bookings

I managed to get most things booked and sorted the weekend we got our visas.

We fly out June 24th to Narita with Al Italia.

So…just over 7 weeks to go!

We have booked to stay in some beautiful places like the Toco Tokyo Hostel below.


We have all the major festivals pencilled into our itinerary, a trek to the summit of Mt.Fuji and volunteer work in Tohoku. Trips to sake factories, lavender fields, temples, lakes, museums and castles.

I can’t wait for all the small things like purikura, Japanese curry and tempura, taking a stroll down Takeshita Dori, hearing ‘irrashimasen’ every time I walk into a shop and all the little train tunes on the metro.

I look forward to meeting new people, learning more about Japan and Japanese culture and having the most epic journey of my life!