Uji: Cormorant Fishing

Uji showcase Cormorant fishing during the summer months. We were intrigued so visited during the Obon holidays.


We arrived about 5pm when most of the shops and cafes were closing, luckily we managed to get some take out matcha ice cream.


Best matcha ice cream I ever ate!


At 5:30pm you can buy tickets for the fishing from a small stall over the bridge where the boats depart.





Before 6:30pm they started boarding the boats, which are just bare with tatami mats.


We set off and anchored down the river a little way. It seemed a while but I guess it wasn’t so long, but one by one the other boats joined us. They tied them together – three boats in two lines.


When it got dark we could see the fishing boat light it’s fire and the female fisher don her traditional fishing clothes.¬†The boat came to the middle and the fisher introduced the team and the birds.


After that they started fishing!


Six birds are tethered by thin lines, the fish are attracted to the light and the birds gobble them. The fisher then pulls the line and gets them out the water and makes them cough up the fish.



Amazing. And disgusting.

The fishing boat went in and out of the viewing boats so everyone got a good look which was nice.

Afterwards you can get a picture with them.


Cormorant fishing continues until the end of Sept.

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