Osaka: Expo Park Fireflies

June is rainy season, iris season and firefly season! Apparently you can find fireflies in the UK but they are super rare, so I was keen to see some this year.

You can find local viewing spots on Rurubu.

We decided to go to Expo 70 Park in Osaka.


You weren’t allowed to take photos during the event, I guess because it would have been too crowded.

The report on their website said there were just over 300 fireflies at the time of our visit, but because the area is quite large we never saw more than 6 together at a time.

It was a little crowded but not overly so, it was fun trying to spot fireflies in between the trees and over the small river.

Here’s the promotional video from the park.

We had a lovely evening firefly spotting, it was quite magical, I just wish I’d seen more!

The firefly event is on at Expo Park until 8th June from 5pm-9.30pm and cost ¥250.

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