Hyper Japan Spring 2012

Last weekend was Hyper Japan in London again. We just went for the Saturday this time, J had a press pass and I had a performers pass :) I held up some sake to present the Sake Awards!

I was quite nervous but actually had fun up there :)

I wore Rose Toilette one of my most prized dresses <;;;3 and the rose comb tiara I made a few weeks ago which got a few compliments so that was nice.

The stalls and events didn't seem quite as good as last year-and there didn't seem quite as many lolis or opportunities to hang out and chat this time.

We stayed until mid afternoon then headed to Wahaca in Covent Garden.

This beer we had was delicious, like corona but tastier (and pricier!).

Everyone raves about Wahaca but I wasn’t that blown away. I’d give it a 7/10.

We overheard some ladies next to us talking about a favourite wine bar around the corner – apparently the oldest in London. Sounded interesting so we googled it and headed that way.


Gordon’s Wine Bar
is AMAZING! 9/10! We sat in the tunnel part with a glass of wine, only lit by candles and what a lovely atmosphere it was! Lots of people had wooden boards full of bread, cheeses and olives-definitely want to go back and share a bottle of wine, baguette and cheese!


We strolled around China Town, bought a few bits and pieces and tried some Bubble Tea for the first time.

We tried a hot matcha and it was delicious, I nearly choked on a bubble though!

When we were all done we grabbed a steamed pork bun and headed home to bed!


Valentines Day

For Valentines Day this year the hubby and I just exchanged cards and made sushi together.


For starters we had tempura and to accompany it a bottle of champagne. The best Tuesday ever!

At the weekend we went to Beluga in Manchester for an afternoon tea with a twist…


Cocktails in a teapot!!!

The food was delicious, especially the little cakies.

Afterwards we did a little light shopping, visited Temple Bar for a German beer and then HangingDitch wine merchants for some tasty merlot. We rounded the whole day off with some snackage at Yo!Sushi then ambled home.

My outfit for the day-


Dress-Rose Drape Frill by Angelic Pretty
Headbow, shoes-AP


Farrington Lodge

Yesterday J and I ventured out for afternoon tea.

Outfit pic before we left-being upstaged by Pickles the dog.

We had turkey, cheese and salmon sandwiches, miniature scones and a selection of mini cakes. For £10.99 each it was very reasonable but I would have preferred a selection of loose teas and clotted cream for the scones not whipped cream.

My chair was really low down! Made me feel a little like Alice in Wonderland :)