Osaka: Ikeda Fireworks

So far this summer I hadn’t seen any fireworks, I missed Osakas biggest fireworks Yodogawa Fireworks as I was working.

Instead I dragged James to Ikeda fireworks as my last chance to see a fireworks display this year.


Also I thought it was my last chance to wear yukata too, so even though I risked looking like a wanna be gaijin I wore it.


It was really busy, but we seemed to find a good spot on the left hand side of the river with almost a 360degree view of the sky.




Woah so pretty, the fireworks were pretty gentle and subdued but all the better for it! There were a few experimental ones, the show started with a countdown in the sky but some numbers were back to front or upside down! We also spotted some hearts, stars, smiley faces and an attempt at Doreamon.

Afterwards we hid in Torikizoku to enjoy the air conditioning and a cold beer before fighting our way back to Umeda on the train.

James said he enjoyed it more than the Yodogawa Fireworks, the atmosphere was a lot more relaxed!


4 thoughts on “Osaka: Ikeda Fireworks

  1. Oh wow they’re so nice, I missed a bunch too. But we we’re lucky enough to see them from our balcony a couple of weeks ago. My husband is totally Americanized, going to take some time to stop missing all these awesome festivals I see on your blog X)

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