Tokyo Disneysea: Halloween Villains 2015

At the beginning of October I visited TDS with the lovely Kelsey. It was a really hard to choose whether to go to Tokyo Disneyland or Disneysea…TDL seems more halloweeny and they have the Haunted Mansion which becomes Nightmare Before Christmas themed and a halloween parade. On the other hand TDS has the Tower of Terror, not halloween themed but fun and spooky, a halloween villains watershow, Duffy and beer. TDS won by a slither.

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Rilakkuma: Fansclub Trick or Treat Halloween 2013

On my third attempt I finally won the trick or treat Rilakkuma with cape. He ended up costing me far far too much (¥1500).





You can’t see well but the back of his cape says Trick or Treat. He’s very cute and soft, I’d love to have Korilakkuma too but it seems I’ve lost my touch of winning these! Serves me right for boasting it was easy(ish)!


Rilakkuma: Fansclub Halloween Rilakkuma 2013

I love official Rilakkuma Store releases, but I also love Fansclub UFO releases! Although the quality is a little less, I find the series to be cuter, and generally they are cheaper if you are good at UFO cranes! I was really excited to see the new September releases as I wanted to see the new Halloween items.

Hmm…so-so. At first I thought they were wearing Christmas hats!

Pretty standard Halloween item, I hope they light up.

Getting better….I like Korilakkumas candy lollipop.

Squee! Yay. Ghost Rilakkuma – perfect!

They are also releasing a large size acorn Rilakkuma, I think he looks very sweet.

The orange hats on the other plushies look like orange pumpkin versions of their Wonderland series crowns…what do you think?