Tokyo Disneysea: Halloween Villains 2015

At the beginning of October I visited TDS with the lovely Kelsey. It was a really hard to choose whether to go to Tokyo Disneyland or Disneysea…TDL seems more halloweeny and they have the Haunted Mansion which becomes Nightmare Before Christmas themed and a halloween parade. On the other hand TDS has the Tower of Terror, not halloween themed but fun and spooky, a halloween villains watershow, Duffy and beer. TDS won by a slither.

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Disney: Sweet Duffy Valentines 2015 & 2011

In the last year or so I have moved away from Rilakkuma and more towards Duffy and his friends from DisneySea. Valentines day in Japan is mostly about making chocolates for your loved ones. So for Valentines Duffy always has a cooking sweets theme.



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