Festivals: Tanabata Shitennoji Temple 2015

Tanabata always makes me happy, its romantic, and I like all the pretty decorations. This year we couldn’t see the Okawa river milky way in Osaka, as it was on a Tuesday but we did manage to visit Shitennoji Temple again, and we did something new…



I cant believe its my 4th Tanabata in Japan!! My third time visiting Shitennoji for it, of course nothing much changes year to year but its still enjoyable.


We also made wishes and tied them to the bamboo walkway. It got dark pretty quick while we were there and the lights turned on.


As we went a day early this time (6th July) there was a new event on, lighting candles.


We got a candle and cup for 100yen, which we then wrote a wish on, and set it in the water with everyone elses.


So pretty.


To leave you have to walk around the inner grounds of the temple.



The decorations in Nara Higashimuki St and Sakaura St were really fun this year too.


I felt so sad for the decorations when it was rainy and windy outside.


Plus we held our own Tanabata at work! Yay.


I wished my students did well in their English tests (and did their homework!) I was told by my student my wish was too serious though! Lol. 

It was fun seeing the students wishes, some of the little ones wished to be Princesses, Firemen or like their Mum. Aww.

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