DisneySea: Summer Festival and Journeys with Duffy

I love Disneyland and Disneysea in Japan, although this was my first time to go in summer. The new Summer Festival event and Journeys with Duffy events started at the beginning of July.


I have so many pictures from this day so Im going to split the post into – general park, shows and then Duffy! First some general park pictures..


We went on the Disneysea Steamer Line, Fortress Adventure, Toy Story Mania, Aquatopia, Indiana Jones, Sindbads Storybook Voyage, Jumpin Jellyfish and 20,000 Leauges Under The Sea.


We tried to fastpass Toy Story when we arrived but it had already sold out by 10:30am! We fastpassed Indiana instead, and later only had to queue 90mins for Toy Story. I loved that ride, totally worth the wait!

IMG_2304 IMG_2486

For food we had some coconut shaved ice in the Aladdin area, Tacos for lunch (where I got a set with souvenir lunch bag) and later a gyoza hot dog. They stopped doing corn pottage popcorn! So sad. I had caramel instead.


The sunset was really gorgeous that day.


Everything looked so pretty at night and J had fun running through the fountain.


We met Marie! :D You have to call “Marie, Marie!” to make her come to you, like a real cat.


As you can see we got into the Disney spirit with some crazy overpriced sunglasses (2000yen). The Summer Festival show is on four times a day, we went to the 2:30 show.

IMG_5071Mickey, Pluto and Chip n Dale!


We decided to get a bit closer!! WAAA!! Crazy! Everyone was jumping up and down and dancing in the water. So much fun.


The night time show was Fantasmic! My fourth time to see it! I did dress Duffy up in his Fantasia costume for it though.



Duffy – Journeys with Duffy! The park had a lot of new decorations for the event.


IMG_5037IMG_2462 IMG_2471


In the store.


Meeting Duffy <3


IMG_2660 IMG_2661

Bye bye.

Throughout the park are Duffy photo points, J helped me find them and we got pictures at all the points in the park!!

IMG_2287 IMG_2313 IMG_2319 IMG_2449 IMG_2459 IMG_2480 IMG_2610 IMG_2627

And here is what I bought that day, not half as much as last time!


Disney resort souvenir lunch bag (about 1000yen), Toy Story Mania files (620yen), Summer festival sunglasses (2000yen), Duffy (1900yen), Gelatoni pen (850yen), Summer festival bento picks (800yen), Toy Story Mania pouch (600yen) and Alien popcorn bucket strap (1300yen).

I had such an amazing day at DisneySea, Im so happy that I could go, my only regrets are not meeting Donald and seeing Chip and Dale again, and not going into the water spray area for the show. I really want to go to Disneyland before the summer is over their Natsu Matsuri event looks really good too!!!!

(Tips for the day – keep your sunglasses receipt! The lens of one of my glasses fell out and we couldn’t get it back in, the shop staff did exchange them but only after we found our receipt. Also at the back of cape cod, to the left of Duffys meet and greet you can get a good view of the back of Fantasmic. Take a poncho for all the water events, or wear something you dont mind getting soaked!).

DisneySea Christmas Wishes:


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