Senko Hanabi

Fireworks are definitely a summer event in a Japan, and what’s more is you can buy your own fireworks pretty much anywhere (convenience store, supermarket…) and hold your own show!

I really wanted to try Japanese sparklers, your meant to hold them upside down instead of straight out like we do in the UK.

We bought this medium pack from Lawson for ¥999, about £6.60.

First I tried the sparkers…


You can also stick them in the ground.


The pack had many different types, most of which you hold in your hand and ignite.

This was in my hand!!

These were snakes, like mini Catherine wheels on the ground.

James with a dragon firework and the castle in the background.

Even Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma came to enjoy the show.


For less than ¥1000 we had a lot of fun, if you haven’t tried them yet you really should!

I can’t wait to try these next!

2 thoughts on “Senko Hanabi

    • My husband really wanted to take that shot! He brought the guys and set it all up! Lol. I love sparklers too! These were defiantly more subtle ones but still so pretty!x

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