Japan: Obon Holiday

As usual my Obon holiday was jam packed! It’s hard to do much during the day as its so so hot. Luckily most of the events we attended were night time activities.


In a short space of time we managed the Nagai Botanical Garden Night Garden, Nara To-kae, our own fireworks in the park, Shitennoji Urabon-e, Uji Cormorant fishing, Awaodori, Ikeda Fireworks and the Dotonbori Bon dance world record attempt!

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It’s so hot in Osaka right now, it’s completely unbearable. You sweat as soon as you even look outside!


I wanted to wear yukata for Nara To-kae but firstly I failed tying the obi myself and secondly it was just tooooo hot! I just took some pictures with my yukata friends before changing into a light dress.




Rilakkuma: Rilakkuma Yukata UFO

We NEVER win on UFO machines! I have one Christmas rilakkuma from our trip in 2008 and that’s it.

For some reason we decided to try for the new rilakkuma summer season.


First we had to ask the staff member to move a yukata rilakkuma forward, and maybe he made if easy for us, but I don’t care, just so happy we won him.

We screamed and jumped up and down when he fell over the edge!




Having attended Tanabata and Gion Matsuri so far in Japan (with many more festivals to come) I bought a few yukata.

I started with a set from Takashimaya in Tokyo that cost 8800¥ but came with the yukata, ties, obi, pre made bow and sandals.


Having never worn yukata before we looked up the proper way of wearing it online, J used this guide. The most important rule it seems is that the left side stays on top.

For a first attempt I thought it was ok but there was definite room for improvement. I did check with the Japanese lady at the place we were staying and she said it was ok.

Worn again in Kyoto a little better but I think my obi is too low.

At Gion Matsuri I was able to pick up another yukata at the festival for 1500¥ in a sale.

The second yukata is smaller so there isn’t as much to fold up and seems easier to wear, I much prefer it.

I think my yukata wearing still needs some improvement, I would like to flatten my chest area some more and get an obiita to keep my obi flat and wrinkle free.

Lastly a picture from behind!

I would reccomened wearing a yukata to a Japanese summer festival, I had some lovely comments from people. Hopefully the locals didn’t mind me joining in as well.



On the 7th July it was Tanabata festival.

We celebrated not far from where we were staying in Asakusa.

There were lots of brightly coloured kites and decorations lining the street. There were also lots of street stalls selling beer and food and children’s toys.



We joined Tanabata quite late in the day but still managed to watch some of the citizens dance parade.


A lot of ladies wore yukata it was lovely to see. I changed into yukata in the evening as well.

I hope you get to enjoy Tanabata celebrations too.