Hello Kitty Baby Mon Cher Cake

After a lovely day with Tomoko I met J for dinner, we ate at Asahi Tendon in Umeda, popped by the Rilakkuma store and then via the Daimaru food hall for desert!

Hello delicious looking Hello Kitty cakes!



It was made of about 80% cream so was really rich! I couldn’t even finish eating it :( though I was glad I bought it! I give it 7/10 for deliciousness and cuteness!


Osaka International Lolita Meet: Fun day with Tomoko!

Today I met Tomoko for lunch! We had a tasty panini and coffee.


Then went to some shops, I bought the new candy ring from AP – I love it! It’s slightly bigger than my plastic tokeimeki one and fits on my next finger!


And took purikura!


We twinned Toy Parade! <3

We both bought the new Angelic Pretty mook, it was cheap but I’m not impressed with the print quality of the bag. I laughed when I spotted a very old and small picture of myself in it!


I had a lovely day, thank you x


Spring Sakura Starbucks

Walking past Starbucks yesterday I saw a big sign for Sakura White Chocolate drinks and everyone was drinking out of sakura paper cups!

Waaa so cute! I was still super full from the pancakes so went back today with J instead.


Sakura white chocolate frappuccino, very sweet, strong cherry fruit taste, 8/10.

Sakura white chocolate, tastes like warm sweet milk, 7/10.

Sakura cake, light sponge, delicately flavored, tasty, 9/10.

The cake is definitely my favorite.


Osaka International Lolita Meet: Valentines pancakes!

Today Lona and I met for a late Valentines meet, she gave me some valentines chocolates – so sweet!

We went to Brothers Pancakes in Namba as Lona had seen some good reviews, we didn’t realize how popular it was though and had to que a while outside before getting a table.


The menu. Lona chose the Strawberry pancakes and I chose matcha.

Our view!

We had to wait a while for the pancakes to be made….but they finally arrived!




My pancake was delicious and it was so big I couldn’t finish it! It cost ¥990 and I would give it a 8/10!


Spring Shopping

Spring colours!

The plum blossom is starting to bloom, the sales are almost over and lovely pastel spring items are popping up! Here are some of my favorites….

Spring colour blouse from Axes Femme ¥3995.

Rosette pin badges from Fint, there are also some rosette high tops from Olive des Olive.

Lilac or mint wedge shoes from Wego ¥2999.

Straw flowered hat from Olive des Olive, ¥3675.



Items from Liz Lisa, I love the cardigan which also comes in pink and mint, perfect for lolita.

Vis Pastel Mac, in pink or blue, ¥11550.

Cute ribbon jumper from Par Avion, ¥6510.

Crown jewel necklace from Axes Femme, it has a navy jewel in the middle, ¥1680. It’s not really spring colours, but it’s part of the new season and its amazing!


Osaka International Lolita Meet: Victorian Maiden Press Room

On the 10th Feb Lona and I visited the Victorian Maiden Press Office, it’s situated in an obscure part of town in a non-descript apartment building.


We are in the right place!

You have to dial an intercom system to speak to the staff, who will buzz you in and meet you at the entrance to apartment 201.

Apartment 201.

The apartment was just like a shop inside, they had a small selection perhaps 30 clothing items in total, a handful of hands and bonnets, two parasols, some jewelry and hair accessories. I was really hoping to see the Rose Greeting series, but they had just sent the sample to the Tokyo Kera store. Without us knowing the shop girl (who is also a VM model) requested they send down the fabric samples for me to see from the upstairs office as Lona had told her I liked the series. We perused the goods a while, and I decided to buy a rose hairpiece. I mentioned I’d like pink ideally, so the shop assistant once again rang upstairs and requested a pink flower hairpiece be sent! It arrived promptly but in the end I decided to go with the white one.


Lona asked if I could take photos, we could, only of the sofa and as long as no stock was captured! And we could pose with the huge bunny! YAY!


It was a good experience to visit the shop, it is beautifully decorated, but the stock is a little sparse although it is the only place locally you can see VM goods irl, and the only VM shop in Japan. I’d like to go back in April when the Rose Greetings Series is released and see if I can buy it!

The lovely VM model/staff member we met <3


Etude House Etoinette Series


I literally squeed when I saw these in store!

I wanted to buy everything, but decided on just a lipstick and blusher to try.


The lipstick is their best seller, PPK002, ¥1400.

The blusher is PK001, ¥2500, there were only 3 colour choices for blusher, pink, orange, shimmer.

I love the products, not only is the packaging cute (I like to think the E is for my name not Etionette) but the pigmentation is good and they smell delicious! I want to go back and buy the highlighter too!


Osaka International Lolita Meet: Christon Cafe Osaka

On the 27th the Osaka lolitas met again to have a late lunch at Christon Cafe, Osaka.

I wore BTSSB Annelise jsk in green, meta sheer blouse, iw headbow, axes femme tights, off brand necklace, hairclip and shoes.

The tights!

The service at the cafe was a bit slow and I wasn’t blown away by the decor (although it was pretty), there was also no non-smoking area so when the table next to us started smoking we had nowhere to escape!

20130204-074916.jpg(Photo thanks to Karmen)

The menu wasn’t as themed as I would have liked but they did have a nice selection of fancy original cocktails. I ordered the lasagna and a mojito and later a chocolate orchestra drink.

20130204-075002.jpg(Photo thanks to Karmen)


The food was nice and not too overpriced, although there was a ¥300 table charge, even so I would go back again with J for a romantic dinner sometime.