Kansai: Kyoto Imperial Palace

The Kyoto Imperial Palace isn’t open for general public admission, to visit you have to apply online to join a guided tour. I wanted to go on a Monday and had to wait 6 weeks for a spot!

The tours are in English or Japanese, we joined the 60min morning English tour, which started at 10am. I didn’t calculate backwards when I booked it that it would mean we had to get an 8am train! Too early for me!

Applying for the tour was easy enough and when we arrived I just had to show my reservation email to the security and admin counter.

On to the tour…


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Lolita: International Lolita Day

Twice a year lolitas set aside a Saturday to gather with fellow lolitas and have good times. Sadly I always work on Saturdays! So once again I pushed ILD back to a Sunday!

The Osaka International Lolita group met in Osaka for shopping and dinner at the Alice Restaurant.

I wore Geo lenses for the first time since 2006! I got them in Taiwan and they were super cheap, I’m not sure if I like them. My eyes looked big, but also a little dead!


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Japan: Summer Beer Gardens

Yay summer is here, long hot nights and beer gardens!!!

Unlike England Japan doesn’t have a lot of garden space or outdoor eating / drinking space. Izakayas tend to be tucked away on upper or lower floors of buildings.

However in summer department stores and the like turn their roof space into an all you can eat / all you can drink extravaganza.

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