Lolita: International Lolita Day Summer 2015 – Kobe Cruise

Back on June 7th we celebrated summer International Lolita Day in Kobe, Japan.

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Lolita: Winter International Lolita Day

Twice a year we have an International Lolita Day, the first Saturday in June and the first Saturday in December.

In June we went to the Alice in Wonderland Cafe, and this time to Universal Studios Japan.


Merry Christmas!

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Lolita: A day with Redtonic

I finally met the wonderful Jo after years of being online friends, and me admiring her for her beautiful style and kindness.


Jo already wrote about the day on her blog, please read below!


I wished she lived here full time so we could hang out more! <3


Lolita: International Lolita Day

Twice a year lolitas set aside a Saturday to gather with fellow lolitas and have good times. Sadly I always work on Saturdays! So once again I pushed ILD back to a Sunday!

The Osaka International Lolita group met in Osaka for shopping and dinner at the Alice Restaurant.

I wore Geo lenses for the first time since 2006! I got them in Taiwan and they were super cheap, I’m not sure if I like them. My eyes looked big, but also a little dead!


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