Kansai: Shirahama Beach

I had a birthday!! To celebrate we went to Shiarahama beach, probably the most famous/popular beach in Kansai.


It’s a bit of a mission to get there from Osaka without a car, you either have to take a 3.5hr bus for ¥3000 or a 2.5hr train for ¥5000.

We decided to get the bus there, 7:30am from Osaka JR bus station.


By 11am we were on the beach! We raided the supermarket for snacks, hit the very crowded beach, rented a parasol (¥1000) and staked our claim to a piece of sand.


It was soooo hot!


And busy!!


We relaxed under the parasol, ate, had a water fight with water pistols, bathed and played catch! Fun times.

After a few hours we decided to pack up and walk to the observatory .



We weren’t even sure we were in the right place at first, to enter we had to go into a dilapidated hotel complex. As it was a cloudy sea day we got a reduced price of ¥500!


We could see some small blue fish and big grey ones being swept around the windows as the current was really strong!

The upstairs of the observatory had some old pachinko machines so J sat and played for a while while I watched people surfing.


Our next stop was Saki no Yu onsen. But it was closed. We did come across one of many free onsens on they way back though. This one had picnic benches!


This dog hotel had the best mural outside!


In the evening we went to Engetsu Island to watch the sun set, sadly by this point it had become really cloudy.



We saw a poster saying there were fireworks every night in summer just after 8pm, we decided to go back to the main beach and wait for them. On the way back we double checked the bus times to the train station, the last one was 7:05!! Rubbish. We would have to leave before them.


Overall I had a fun time at the beach but some things didn’t work out like the onsen, sunset and fireworks. I also missed going to Tore Tore Market the best fish market in Kansai. It would be better if I had a car or could have stayed the night. Oh well I can just save those things for next time!!



3 thoughts on “Kansai: Shirahama Beach

  1. Happy happy belated birthday Liemzie!!! Thank you so much for always sharing such lovely posts and pics with us!! Really enjoy reading them!😃

  2. The sea looks gorgeous! Love that mural too haha. I went to a beach in Chiba the other day, it was so dirty D: I was really horrified! I never expected a beach in Japan would look like that.

    • Eww oh no sorry it wasn’t so great! This beach had such white soft fluffy sand, I wonder where they got it from?! I grew up near Blackpool though so most/all beaches are an improvement! I love Japanese beach culture, hitting watermelon and playing volleyball! I visited Suma beach on mon and the weather was bad so took shelter in a beachside cafe where they had two cute poodles and a pet hedgehog…of course!
      I hope you can go to a nice beach soon! Do you have any obon plans?x

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