Japan: Obon Holiday

As usual my Obon holiday was jam packed! It’s hard to do much during the day as its so so hot. Luckily most of the events we attended were night time activities.


In a short space of time we managed the Nagai Botanical Garden Night Garden, Nara To-kae, our own fireworks in the park, Shitennoji Urabon-e, Uji Cormorant fishing, Awaodori, Ikeda Fireworks and the Dotonbori Bon dance world record attempt!

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Osaka: Umeda Yukata Festival

For the last few years in Osaka I have noticed the ads for the Umeda Yukata Festival, but have been either too busy to too unorganised to go, maybe a bit of both! This summer I want to wear a lot of yukata so I planned to go with some friends.

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