Hama-rinkyu Gardens

One of my favourite places to relax in Tokyo is the Hama-rinkyu Garden, located a short walk from Shiodome station.

The park costs 300¥ to enter and you get a pretty ticket and visitors stamp.

Nakajima-no-ochaya is a teahouse from 1707 and you can still go and enjoy tea there today. Just 500¥ for matcha and wagashi.

I had mine cold and J had his hot. I really love wagashi it’s possibly my favourite thing to eat!

In case you are worried about etiquette the staff provide you with English instructions on how to eat the wagashi first and how to hold and sip your matcha. But it also says you don’t have to follow the rules and just enjoy yourself!

View of the tea house.

The park also has a lovely walk, you can visit a small shrine, Peony Garden and 300 year old pine tree.

The peonys weren’t in season but the Ume trees were ripe.

The park also affords you a wonderful view over Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge.

I’m not sure how long we were at the park relaxing and taking it all in but before we knew it the calls were going out for the parks imminent closure at 5pm.

I really look forward to going back in a few weeks.

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