Tokyo Disneysea: Halloween Villains 2015

At the beginning of October I visited TDS with the lovely Kelsey. It was a really hard to choose whether to go to Tokyo Disneyland or Disneysea…TDL seems more halloweeny and they have the Haunted Mansion which becomes Nightmare Before Christmas themed and a halloween parade. On the other hand TDS has the Tower of Terror, not halloween themed but fun and spooky, a halloween villains watershow, Duffy and beer. TDS won by a slither.

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A weekend in Tokyo (day 2)

The following day in Tokyo the weather was pretty miserable :( I got up fairly early, had the hostels Japanese breakfast and walked to Ueno Park.

On the way.

Ueno Park! Wow. The cherry blossom provided a canopy to walk under for as far as the eye could see.

Despite the rain people were still out having hanami parties! I saw one group wrapped in bubble wrap!

After I’d walked the length and back and sat and had a pastry I decided to head to the Skytree Mall.

I checked out Q-pot and the Rilakkuma store but didn’t buy anything, I just got some Denki Bran for J and some Tokyo Banana for work.

I walked from the Skytree to the Sumida River to look at some more cherry blossom near the Asahi building. Then on to Asakusa for lunch.

I had one of my all time favorites – Tendon Tenya! I even bought a couple of bottles of their delicious sauce to take back with me.

It was nearly 3pm so I went back to the hostel to collect my bag and make my next plans. I said goodbye to the staff.

Aren’t they so sweet?

The rain had let up a little so decided to stick to my plan of going to DisneySea with their after 6pm ticket!


I waited and read my book for a while, then just before 6 joined a que with the rest of the waiting people. The ticket guy introduced himself and asked us if we were ready, and were we going to have a good time to which we all chanted hai hai hai! At 6 on the dot we were allowed in.

My favorite ride is the Tower of Terror but it had a 160min wait! Woah. The park closes at 10pm so wouldn’t have time for anything else. Instead I went to some gift shops to buy Duffy merchandise.


I walked around a bit taking it all in.


Then joined a que to meet the man himself – Duffy!

Yay! I got a hug and a high five!

At 8pm the light show started on the water so I headed back to the waterfront to watch.


That’s Cinderella at the top and a boat of Snow White characters.

My bus was leaving from the Disney car park at 10.10pm and couldn’t miss it, so while the fireworks were starting I headed out the park to go home.


My shopping haul –