Osaka: Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium

It’s starting to heat up here, so I thought a trip to the aquarium would cool me down.

Osaka Kaiyukan had a renewal last year and we hadn’t been since, so we were interested to see what had changed.

We started by watching the otters be fed…




…then the dolphins.



I like the tanks full of random fish.


Although J isn’t too keen on the massive crab! Haha!


I think jellyfish are so relaxing to watch!


Everything up until this point was the same as before, at the end we finally came to the renewal area.



It consisted of a touch pool with sting rays and fish for children to touch, some penguins and a clown fish. A small tropical area with a very relaxed sloth, two otters and a monkey.

At the very end was a dome where you could see up into the new seal tank.


This guy wanted to make friends with J, so cute!


Osaka Aquarium

Open 10am – 8pm, 2300yen for adults, a 10 min walk from Osakako station on the Chuo Subway Line.

2 thoughts on “Osaka: Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium

  1. Nice! I’ve never been there either. I love aquariums though – I got to go to that massive one in Okinawa and it was so dreamy (but a little sad too since the big whale sharks just go around in a circle and keep bumping into the glass which gives them calluses and stuff :( )

    • The Okinawa one was amazing, Nagoyas aquarium was great too! They are putting dolphins in Suma beach in Kobe again this yr out the aquarium I’m going to try to see them!x

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