Tenjin Matsuri

The week after Gion Matsuri we went to Osaka for Tenjin Matsuri!

The parade was on the 25th July from the Tenmangu Shrine.


The parade was quite lively with much more going on than the Gion Matsui parade.

There were floats, mikoshi, cows, priests on horseback, dancing young girls (and some boys) with small parasols, dragons…




Everywhere we go there seems to be tv cameras and paparazzi! But I guess we are going to the big events.


After the parade we went down to the river where the parade participants were on large boats in the river. You could hear them chanting in time with the drums even though they were quite far away.


We met up with some of Js friends and then strolled towards the festival stands. We had some yakisoba and a beer!


Whilst walking over the bridge about 8.30pm the end of the day fireworks went off!



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