Osaka: Tenjin Matsuri and Fugu Karage

Again I had to work the same day as Tenjin matsuri, I did get lucky though and had an early finish on the 24th so I could go to the evening festivities before the main day.

I watched some dancing in Tenmangu Shrine, then walked along the stalls towards the river.

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Osaka: Hanshin Tigers v Giants 21.7.14

After watching 5 games and having two cancelled due to heavy rain this season I finally watched a winning match – against the Giants no less!

The Yomiuri Giants are number 1 in the league and Hanshin Tigers are number 2, so it was an important game.

Before the game we stopped by the Hanshin department store Tigers shop to buy balloons and I picked up a new shirt in pink!


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Rilakkuma: Tower Records Rilakkuma Cafe

I had a quick trip to Tokyo at the weekend, just 18 hours!! I met with Sarah, Sarah and Aviva and we went to the Tower Records Rilakkuma Cafe in Shibuya.

It opened at 10am, and we arrived a little after that, we arrived from the right hand side of the shop, and looking at the cafe on the second floor we were surprised it didn’t look full. The sign said it was the exit of the cafe so we walked all the way around to the other side, then spotted people sitting on stools by the entrance. We turned the corner and there were more people, around that corner were more people queuing up the stairs….and more….and more…! Omg. The queue ended on the 3.5F staircase. There were about 75 people in front of us.

It’s a good job we love you Rilakkuma!


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