Kansai: Baby deer in Nara

In June you can visit baby deer at Kasuga Shrine in Nara.


It’s only ¥300 to enter.




Some are kept in the arena and others at the back in separate areas.
There was a small display explaining about the work they do taking care of the deer.




And you could feed some!



Aw this guy was so wobbly on his feet!

The event is over now but you can visit again next year, and there are still lots of young deer wandering around Nara park at the moment.

6 thoughts on “Kansai: Baby deer in Nara

  1. Oooh wow, I didn’t know there was a special place/event for baby deer in Nara, thats so cool that you got to see them! What did you get to feed them? I saw for the adult deer that vendors sold senbei, but those are probably to big for babies, I imagine.

  2. I love feeding animals how cool. I wish you could go inside the fence will all the deer, that would be so much fun!!

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