Japanese Nail Salon

I think Japanese nail artists have a great reputation, and I have always wanted to get my nails professionally done here, but been too scared.

My co-worker recommended a place in Nara, i-Nail it’s normally ¥4000 for the basic nail but ATM its only ¥3000!

My Japanese is still terrible but I managed to book an appointment and do ok. The nail artist was very kind and tried to speak English for me.

First my nails were buffed with two types of files, cuticles removed, shaped, cleaned and then had two layers of clear base, 4 layers of glitter and 2 top coats. My nails are soooo thick!


This is what I asked for…


And what I got!

I’m very happy with the results, and 9 days later they are still looking perfect. I’ve run across a few minor problems like not being able to scratch my mosquito bites or open the charging port on my phone. Lol.

I have a voucher to get the many layers of polish removed or discount on my next polish in August which is very good as usually removal is another ¥1000.

My nails 4 weeks on.


They’ve grown out quite a bit, but still no chips or major damage. Time to get them removed!


An onsen in your house

I do enjoy visiting an onsen, but it’s hard from me as I’m not comfortable getting naked with random people, and the onsen are segregated boys and girls so I have to say goodbye to my husband at the door as we go our separate ways.

How happy was I to find you can buy onsen bath salts to recreate famous onsen from Japan in your own tub?!


I picked these Tabi No Yado bath salts up at Don Quixote for ¥389 but I’ve seen them in kusuriya (chemists) and on Amazon.

This morning I couldn’t wait to try the first one!


Woah it’s so pink!
After a minute the salts dissolved and turned the water a light milky pink, the fragrance is very pleasant, flowery and slightly medicinal, but not overly strong.



Japanese Face Sheets/Masks

An ABC Cosme Store opened in Hep 5 Osaka a few months ago but I only went in for the first time this weekend. It was great, they had a lot of Korean products from Lioele, Holika Holika and Etude House. I got some cute face mask sheets for ¥52 each!


First I decided to try EGF as I didn’t know what it was and was intrigued. An Internet search told me it was epithelial growth factor, to make your skin regenerate and was good for anti ageing.

Directions. Apply for 15-20mins, you don’t need to wash it off afterwards.

Gah! Scary.
The sheet was a good size and fit, it was very wet and smelt like honey lemon and glycerine cough mixture!

I enjoyed using the mask but afterwards didn’t notice any difference in my skin, at most a slight temporary softening.

But for the price, cute packaging and fun factor I’d get them again!


Etude House Sweet Recipe Series

Yay another cute series from Etude House!


I decided to buy a Dear My Jelly Lips-talk in JPK001, Chocolate Highlighter and Cupcake Eyes in PP501.

The eyeshadow is highly pigmented, a lovely color and doesn’t crease on my crease prone lids! Although J said my eyelids looked sweaty, think he meant they glimmered naturally?! 8/10

The lipstick seems like a lip balm, but it has that strange ingredient that reacts with your skin and turns pink. On my hand it looked like a lovely light pink but on my lips it develops into a shocking pink. Sadly the bright pink doesn’t suit me :( 5/10

My favorite item, it gives a lovely subtle sheen (not masses of glitter) and goes on well. 9/10




The time has come for me to throw away my Reverence perfume bottle as I just can’t get the reminding half a ml out. J bought it me for my 28th birthday at the Palace of Versailles in Paris. It doesn’t just smell amazing (an expensive version of Christina Aguilera x Hugo Boss women) but holds lots of memories for me. I always associate fragrance with memories.

Chanel Allure is when I first met J in 2005 (I got my first bottle for my 21st birthday).
Paco Rabanne XS our first trip to Japan in 2007.
Elizabeth Arden Pleasures and Benson & Hedges my granny (late 1990s).
Youth Dew my Mum on a rare night out when I was growing up.
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb my wedding in 2009.

My first perfume was CK One which my Granny (another perfume lover) bought me for christmas when I was about 12. Shortly followed by Cool Water and Hugo Boss for women. Cool Water reminds me of hot summer days and Hugo Boss of nightclubbing when I was 16-17.


My favorite fragrances are:
Dior Pure Poison
Chanel Allure
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
Chanel Chance eau fraiche
Paco Rabanne XS

I also love fragrance on men. J really suits Vera Wang and Dior pour homme. It wasn’t until the last few years that I discovered where I got my fragrance love from, my Dad! When I passed my driving test at 17 I bought my Dad Kenzo Peace for men which he’d been going on about for a while (he taught me to drive), and since then he’s been going thorough about a bottle a month! I think he drinks the stuff!

Fragrance in Japan is uncommon and unpopular. It’s best not to smell of anything, and if you do a light fruity scent such as peach is best. When I occasionally walk past a man with fragrance I really love it and breathe in deep! I’ve been just sticking to one squirt of Chanel before getting dressed so I don’t smell too strong but occasionally get a whiff of it that puts a smile on my face. Though my coworkers were recently complaining of a student who wears ‘too much fragrance’ but I think smells lovely, so maybe will have to cut down even more….

What’s your favorite fragrance? I’d love to know and get more recommendations!


Etude House Etoinette Series


I literally squeed when I saw these in store!

I wanted to buy everything, but decided on just a lipstick and blusher to try.


The lipstick is their best seller, PPK002, ¥1400.

The blusher is PK001, ¥2500, there were only 3 colour choices for blusher, pink, orange, shimmer.

I love the products, not only is the packaging cute (I like to think the E is for my name not Etionette) but the pigmentation is good and they smell delicious! I want to go back and buy the highlighter too!


Etude House x Disney 110th Anniversary

Just before New Years I saw these in Etude House.

So I bought them straight away!

BB cream Bright Fit ¥1700, it only came in one shade #2NB, it’s possibly a little dark for me but it will do.

Lovely Cookie Blusher ¥800, woah it looks so bright! Again there was only one colour choice #3PK003. I like it though, used lightly it gives a cute pink glow.

There is also a mist spray, lip tint and highlighting powder in the series. I hope they bring out more!

There are two Etude House stores in Osaka, in Daimaru North B1 Shinsaibashi and Mio Tennoji.