Osaka: Osaka Art and Handmade Bazaar Sept 2013


I went to the Osaka Art & Handmade Bazaar in March this year (previous post), so when I found out it was on again I was super excited as I wanted another pair of Flower Market earrings!


Again it was pretty busy, but I didn’t have to que to get in, it cost ¥600 entry. I recognized a lot of the stalls from my last visit, but it was good to have another chance to look at their goods. Most of the stalls were handmade jewelry, leather goods, wooden crafts, ceramics or art.


I loved so many items, but didn’t buy too much (I think!).


I bought my sister a necklace I saw which looked vintage inspired (I will save that for Christmas!), some more Flower Market earrings for myself (¥2500) and some sparkly earrings from Moff Moff (¥1200).



I arrived about 1.30pm and left about 4pm, although a lot of stalls were packing up or empty from 3.30pm. Of course I would go again, but next time I would try to go earlier!


Kansai Lovers


I went to Kansai Lovers again this year, an afternoon of live local bands. A lot were the same as last year such as Dookie Festa, Sound System and Arukara.

I love their video!




The event was really fun, it only cost ¥1000 and we forward planned this time and took a picnic with beer! It always amuses me how the Japanese audience don’t really dance or nod their heads, just raise one hand in the air and point their finger!


How to win on UFO crane machines


Its only in the last 3 months or so that we have been playing these and been successful more often than not. I’ve won some items with just 1 ¥100 play!


So here are my tips on how to win…

1) Look like a tourist. Maybe it’s morally wrong, but if you look like a your on vacation they are more likely to make it easy for you I think! (Either to make a nice holiday memory, or you’ve more disposable money!).

2) Ask them to move the prizes. Hope that the prize you want isn’t on the edge as asking them to move it resets the position and perhaps due to hint 1 often they position it easier.

3) Aim to hook the tag, it’s the more secure way of picking it up. However if its nicely positioned on the edge aim to nudge or flip the prize. For Rilakkuma we usually go for the neck or just below the ears to flip it over the edge, or use the claw to push down his belly/legs at the bottom to flip him when he’s hanging over the edge.



Woo hoo! He’s free!

Good luck! Happy catching!


Rilakkuma: Lucky find!

I love going to random shopping malls and finding old Rilakkuma stock sitting on shelves! I felt lucky today to find a keychain plushie from the 2010 Squirrel/Forest Series!


Korilakkuma is so adorable and soft! I would love to own my own big size rilaks and korilak for this series.

I was also lucky winning this LINE mascot Brown in a UFO machine for ¥100!


Of course I used my LINE camera ap to decorate the picture!

I also saw the Lawson x Rilakkuma Oden plushie in store today, he’s cute, but I didn’t need him so resisted. Has anyone bought him or planning to?


iTunes Japan and App Store

So I’ve lived here over a year, and bought my iPad mini in Japan, but it only just occurred to me to change my App Store to the Japanese one.

It was easy to do, go to the store, and click on your ID name at the bottom, the next page has an option to change country. Then you need to input a valid address and payment option. I only have a cash card in Japan but could leave the payment option blank.

When I saved my iTunes Store and App Store all changed to the Japanese one, opening up a whole new world of apps!


After exhausting the free apps I wanted to try some paid ones so I bought a ¥1500 App Store gift card in Lawson.


I’ve since realized most if not all the ones I got are available on the UK store but never mind. I really like Line Camera, I got some Rilakkuma stamps and Halloween stamps to decorate my pictures.


Taiko no tatsujin drumming game!


Which you can see I suck at!

Any my favorite game…Animal Tower. This game just tickles me, and my sister loves it too so we must have the same juvenile sense of humor.


Let me know if you try it!

Did anyone else upgrade to iSO7? I did on my iPad and I hate it! It’s so frustrating. In fact, I can’t even get this post to change from draft to published…it keeps not saving. Rage.


Osaka International Lolita Meet: Christon Cafe

Last weekend the Osaka International Lolitas met for some members birthdays at Christon Cafe. It was my second visit and since our last Osaka International Lolita meet there I’m the only member still in Osaka. This time there were two new members and it was lovely to meet them, I had a good time despite some mix up to begin with (2.5hrs late anyone?!). I didn’t actually eat anything just had a few cocktails and chatted. There was a wedding party upstairs and we were seated in a curtained off area near the entrance. Although I think this was because the organizer of the meet didn’t make a reservation.

Anyway some pictures….



I wore my Victorian Maiden Rococo Rose OP, Innocent World bolero, Victorian Maiden flower hairpiece and my new BonBon handbag. The bag was the last off the E Hyphen World Gallery website so I was happy to get it!


The quality is great and I love that it looks like a chocolate box, but the color is not what I expected its more neutral/beige than pink but I guess it will coordinate with more this way.

Pretty chandeliers.

Another Chocolate Orchestra cocktail.

Group photo. What you get when you ask random people to take your picture!

We are going to the Cup Noodle Museum next month, which I’m organizing, so I hope it will go well.


Rilakkuma: Fansclub Trick or Treat Halloween 2013

On my third attempt I finally won the trick or treat Rilakkuma with cape. He ended up costing me far far too much (¥1500).





You can’t see well but the back of his cape says Trick or Treat. He’s very cute and soft, I’d love to have Korilakkuma too but it seems I’ve lost my touch of winning these! Serves me right for boasting it was easy(ish)!


Angelic Pretty Fancy Paper Doll Charm


I went lolita shopping today in Osaka with my friend Tomoko, I grabbed the Fancy Paper Doll charm and instantly decided to buy it!


So cute, Im not sure which bag to hang it off yet. He’s so soft with such a sweet face, the legs and arms are jointed. The series looks nice in sax irl, maybe as a skirt…but I won’t buy it. They still had a lot of Musee du Chocolat series items left, including the brown skirt which I was almost tempted by. In England I earnt more than double what I earn here, so I could buy items I wanted but couldn’t shop irl for them, and here I can shop irl for them but can’t afford! I did win this Emily Temple Cute OP on auction today though, and it was very cheap!


I’m going to Tokyo in October to visit Disneyland with the International Tokyo Lolita group and meet my friend Kaoru so I want to wear it then.

Finally, here’s a purikura from today!




Rilakkuma: Umeda Store 5th Anniversary

I went to the Umeda store today and picked up some of the anniversary series!



I was surprised by the size of these they are more like the S size simple plushies you can buy in store.


But they have so many cute little details!





Rilakkuma is picking chestnuts he has his chestnut picking device with a captured chestnut, an autumn leaf on his tummy, chestnut on the grass next to him and basket on his back complete with a grassy flower!




Korilakkuma is wearing a chestnut cape which even peaks a little at the top so it looks like a chestnut, she’s holding a basket with a fury chestnut, two shelled ones and a flower, she also has a leaf on her bottom.

Size comparison.

From the preview picture I really loved Kii but irl he was overshadowed by the other two.

They had the Store Anniversary plush available too but I didn’t get it even though its cute, I have to watch my pennies this month.


I was lucky enough to glimpse Rilakkuma irl too, but not lucky enough to get a photo with him.



He was there to promote the Rilakkuma birthday cake, but left pretty soon after I arrived.