Rilakkuma: Lawson x Rilakkuma Aloha goods

I was excited last week to see Lawson’s new gift campaign features Rilakkuma again! Selected food items (sandwiches, breads, sweets) have stickers and 30 stickers = a free gift! In the August 2012 campaign we got two Rilakkuma cups and in the following campaign 5 Miffy plates!! Yes…we eat a lot of bread.


This time around you can get plates again (would have preferred bowls!).


Or for 20 points this shopping bag.


I think I’m going to get the bag first as I already have a lot of plates!

Already well on my way!

As well as the new gift campaign Lawson and Lawson 100 have a new selection of Rilakkuma food!

I really like the Cinnamon Roll and Macadamia Chocolate Cake.

I’m looking forward to more Rilakkuma x Lawson items and special 10th anniversary goods!

13 thoughts on “Rilakkuma: Lawson x Rilakkuma Aloha goods

    • I want to buy them all!! My apartment is already being slightly invaded by Rilakkuma it’s only a matter of time before he takes over completely!x

    • Thank you! I got the bag the other day and nearly half way through another sheet. Wow. I eat too much bread! The bag is great for shopping can hold quite a lot! I hope you collect enough stickers soon!x

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