Fukuokas Yatai

Fukuoka is well known for its yatai – street food vendors.

A closed yatai

People enjoying the yatai experience!

They appear in the early evening and seeing them being pushed or pulled by a single man is quite something.

On our last night in Fukuoka we decided to eat at one.

Yatai lining the river.

The one we patroned had oden and yakitori.

The food was cooked on a small stove and freshly prepared, we recieved a warm welcome and friendly service.

It was slightly surreal sitting in the middle of the street having dinner and watching tv. The food was really tasty and cheap (150yen/oden).

J at the yatai

You see yatai in Tokyo especially around Shinjuku stn but I’d never seen so many before, apparently Fukuoka has around 150! I’d defiantly recommend you go to one if you find yourself in Fukuoka!