Lolita: Winter International Lolita Day

Twice a year we have an International Lolita Day, the first Saturday in June and the first Saturday in December.

In June we went to the Alice in Wonderland Cafe, and this time to Universal Studios Japan.


Merry Christmas!

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Osaka: Tennoji Zoo and Light Up

Tennoji zoo has a reputation for being one of the worst kept and depressing zoos in Japan. It’s rating on TripAdvisor and comments left by visitors are not complimentary. With that and it being closed on Mondays Id never been before. A new evening winter light up just started in the park nearby as part of Osaka Castles 400th year celebrations. So we decided to finally go.


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Japan: How to Survive Winter

I made a post before on how to survive summer in Japan, and here is the winter edition.

Perhaps it doesn’t get as cold in Japan as it does in the UK but you definitely feel the cold a lot more here. First of all it’s a damp cold that seems to get right to your bones, and secondly houses and apartments don’t have good insulation or central heating. So you are just perpetually cold.

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