Osaka International Lolita Meet: Victorian Maiden Press Room

On the 10th Feb Lona and I visited the Victorian Maiden Press Office, it’s situated in an obscure part of town in a non-descript apartment building.


We are in the right place!

You have to dial an intercom system to speak to the staff, who will buzz you in and meet you at the entrance to apartment 201.

Apartment 201.

The apartment was just like a shop inside, they had a small selection perhaps 30 clothing items in total, a handful of hands and bonnets, two parasols, some jewelry and hair accessories. I was really hoping to see the Rose Greeting series, but they had just sent the sample to the Tokyo Kera store. Without us knowing the shop girl (who is also a VM model) requested they send down the fabric samples for me to see from the upstairs office as Lona had told her I liked the series. We perused the goods a while, and I decided to buy a rose hairpiece. I mentioned I’d like pink ideally, so the shop assistant once again rang upstairs and requested a pink flower hairpiece be sent! It arrived promptly but in the end I decided to go with the white one.


Lona asked if I could take photos, we could, only of the sofa and as long as no stock was captured! And we could pose with the huge bunny! YAY!


It was a good experience to visit the shop, it is beautifully decorated, but the stock is a little sparse although it is the only place locally you can see VM goods irl, and the only VM shop in Japan. I’d like to go back in April when the Rose Greetings Series is released and see if I can buy it!

The lovely VM model/staff member we met <3