How to win on UFO crane machines


Its only in the last 3 months or so that we have been playing these and been successful more often than not. I’ve won some items with just 1 ¥100 play!


So here are my tips on how to win…

1) Look like a tourist. Maybe it’s morally wrong, but if you look like a your on vacation they are more likely to make it easy for you I think! (Either to make a nice holiday memory, or you’ve more disposable money!).

2) Ask them to move the prizes. Hope that the prize you want isn’t on the edge as asking them to move it resets the position and perhaps due to hint 1 often they position it easier.

3) Aim to hook the tag, it’s the more secure way of picking it up. However if its nicely positioned on the edge aim to nudge or flip the prize. For Rilakkuma we usually go for the neck or just below the ears to flip it over the edge, or use the claw to push down his belly/legs at the bottom to flip him when he’s hanging over the edge.



Woo hoo! He’s free!

Good luck! Happy catching!


Rilakkuma: Fansclub Halloween Rilakkuma 2013

I love official Rilakkuma Store releases, but I also love Fansclub UFO releases! Although the quality is a little less, I find the series to be cuter, and generally they are cheaper if you are good at UFO cranes! I was really excited to see the new September releases as I wanted to see the new Halloween items.

Hmm…so-so. At first I thought they were wearing Christmas hats!

Pretty standard Halloween item, I hope they light up.

Getting better….I like Korilakkumas candy lollipop.

Squee! Yay. Ghost Rilakkuma – perfect!

They are also releasing a large size acorn Rilakkuma, I think he looks very sweet.

The orange hats on the other plushies look like orange pumpkin versions of their Wonderland series crowns…what do you think?


Rilakkuma: SEGA x Ponta

At the moment you can change 150 ponta points into 6 goes on a UFO machine in some SEGA game stations.


Of course we took full advantage of this as I have quite a few points!


Lets free all the Rilakkumas!




The giant Rilakkuma with pancakes was 1 voucher + ¥200, the small lying down Rilak ¥200, the walking solider Rilak was one voucher, and the mochi Rilak cost over ¥1000 as J couldn’t win him but really wanted him lol.

The promotion is on until August 31st.


Rilakkuma UFO haul

J tried to win more Rilakkumas over the weekend yay!

I really love the summer festival series!

We won….

A really old onsen series keitai charm.


Finally got the swimming ring keychain, happy coat keychain and fan matsuri one.




A guitar Rilakkuma from the Aloha series…for ¥100.


Then at the very end of the night another festival Rilakkuma, the assistant must have moved him closer to the edge 4-5 times but he sill wouldn’t jump off! See how easy the assistant tried to make it for us!


I know that the quality of the fansclub items isn’t as high as the Rilakkuma store items but I love these series and think they have a lot of personality. The keychain plushie quality is actually fairly low (5/10) but the small plushies are pretty good (8/10).


Rilakkuma: UFO evening

So today has been a good day :D despite it being the longest and hardest day at work, my companies owner surprised me with a generous money envelope. Then I shared a beer with a friend on the train home, met up with J and and went on a mission to free all the Rilakkumas in Osaka!

We started in Namba and visited Mainstreet where we failed to free a small keychain rilakkuma in a swimming ring.


Even though the attendant moved it closer for us after a few tries we still couldn’t get it, we gave up after ¥1000.

Next we visited one around the corner, where they didn’t have anything I thought worth trying for. After that we went to Taito Station. There wasn’t much either, only some older series items that I wasn’t interested in, there were lots of Toy Story and Monsters Inc items. The next place was Sega World. Here they had mini keychain Rilakkumas, including the happy coat ones.


I tried so hard for the happy coat Rilakkuma (as I did at Spocha last weekend), but he still eluded me. I put in ¥500 and on my second go three Korilakkumas fell down! I kept trying but couldn’t get the one I really wanted.

J tried another machine for the book Rilakkuma, and after ¥1000 he won! Woohoo. Still he tried for more though, to get the matching Korilakkuma. It seemed our luck had run out though he tried again for a medium Rilakkuma and for the small happy coat Rilakkuma spending another ¥1000!

I felt pretty pleased with my winnings as we headed out. Passing by Tower Records I couldn’t believe it was still open! I ducked in to look at the Rilakkuma series. They only had Rilakkuma plushies left, I decided to give them a miss (the green hair and studded jacket just didn’t do it for me) and just got the Tower Records towel.

Strolling around Namba looking for our next arcade we saw a strange looking pub…the front was a train!


We went in for a drink, and had a great experience. The older landlady brought our beers to the table, opened and poured them for us, making sure the labels were facing us the whole time. The seats were like old fashioned train carriages and had lush red velvet seats.

Book rilakkuma felt at home.

(Eating crackers surrounded by books).

On our way to the station we happened to pass another amusement arcade on Dotonbori, it had very old stock. A UFO machine full of walking Rilakkumas with mikan on their heads from new year. However, a machine with giant plushies caught our eye. If you knocked the box into the tray you could choose a prize from the display! J wouldn’t give up and on his 14th attempt it fell into the tray! Woohoo!

Giant Rilakkuma get.


So today alone I got 3 keychain Korilakkumas, a Tower Records x Rilakkuma towel, medium book Rilakkuma and giant XL Rilakkuma.


In the morning I’m headed to the Umeda Rilakkuma Wonderland event even for more!


Rilakkuma: UFO Rilakkuma, Spo-cha and Wonderland Series

Since I won (or rather J won) the yukata kumas I want more! :)

We tried again at the same machine for Takoyaki Rilakkuma from the same series.


We asked the assistant to move him forward so we could try for him, ¥500 gives you 6 tries. Somehow we hooked the tag of a different Rilakkuma and he fell out! The assistant came rushing over shaking his tambourine and proffering a carrier bag for it and I was like, look its not the same one! He was just as surprised as we were. We tried another ¥500 but still couldn’t win the takoyaki rilakkuma and he was the last one….

Instead we won….


Hot dog rilakkuma! ^^ he rode in my basket all the way home.

Today we went to Spocha but just as we arrived I lost balance on my bike and fell into a small wall and scraped all my leg. It is still super painful and bruised ;_; as I was waiting for J to come back with some antiseptic and bandages I noticed the lovely Sapphira from Elegant Poupee on the Spocha big tv!!!

The first floor of Spocha is amusements! We tried air hockey, taiko drumming and the UFO catchers!

I won a small keychain!


As you can see afterwards we decided to have lunch to rest my leg, and then we tried bowling!


The bowling shoes come out vending machines! Ahh Japan.

Even though my leg hurt I managed to get to the Rilakkuma store to check out the first wave of the Wonderland Series. I decided against one of the plushies as I prefer the other ones from the series, the pink hand towel was sold out already! Only the white was left.


I got a file, mechanical pencil, hand towel, notepad and phone charm. As a free gift I got a 10th anniversary sticker that goes on your IC card for trains.

I can’t wait for next weekend when the big event in Umeda is on, and its Gion Matsuri in Kyoto!


Rilakkuma: Rilakkuma Yukata UFO

We NEVER win on UFO machines! I have one Christmas rilakkuma from our trip in 2008 and that’s it.

For some reason we decided to try for the new rilakkuma summer season.


First we had to ask the staff member to move a yukata rilakkuma forward, and maybe he made if easy for us, but I don’t care, just so happy we won him.

We screamed and jumped up and down when he fell over the edge!