Starbucks Japan: Caramelly Sakura Chocolate drinks

So spring is coming, soon I hope! The stores are just starting to change their goods into sakura packaging, I saw sakura chocolate biscuits in the store, sakura beer packaging and sakura fragrance!

From February 15th Starbucks started their sakura series – this year its Caramelly SAKURA Chocolate latte or frappucchino.


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Lolita: Starbucks Sakura, Kira Imai Popbox, USJ and Hello Kitty Karaoke

I had a lovely weekend, first I nipped to Jane Marple to buy the Alice dress. The staff member was very sweet and remembered me from the other week, she took the dress I wanted off the rack without me reminding her which one or colour!

Then I met with Anne who is leaving Japan soon :( We visited Starbucks for a Sakura White Chocolate drink. I got the latte and thermos drinks cup.




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Spring Sakura Starbucks

Walking past Starbucks yesterday I saw a big sign for Sakura White Chocolate drinks and everyone was drinking out of sakura paper cups!

Waaa so cute! I was still super full from the pancakes so went back today with J instead.


Sakura white chocolate frappuccino, very sweet, strong cherry fruit taste, 8/10.

Sakura white chocolate, tastes like warm sweet milk, 7/10.

Sakura cake, light sponge, delicately flavored, tasty, 9/10.

The cake is definitely my favorite.