Angelic Pretty release

I saw on the AP Osaka blog last night that the reworking of APs Royal Chocolate was going to be released today.

I’ve never been in Japan for a new series release so really wanted to go to experience it and try to get the jsk in brown!

I knew Laforet AP was closed and that it might be busier than usual, but there is a AP tea party on later today so hoped some people would be too busy!

I had to check out my hostel and head from Asakusa to Shinjuku which took a while, so didn’t arrive at Marui until 10.45am. The queue was quite sizeable already!!


I got in line whilst still trying to decide if it was worth it and got the AP staff girls attention for a ticket.


Lucky number 78?!

Marui opened at 11, and we were all let in fairly efficiently. I travelled up the escalators with everyone else to the 7th floor (the lolita floor). We passed by Angelic Pretty and got to see the new series lined up! There weren’t many out tbh, not sure if that was it or if there were some more elsewhere!

I followed everyone else around the back to the stairs to queue again, some people went up and some down, I just followed the people infront of me.
Wrong! It wasn’t much later the usher came by saw my ticket and moved me up to the top que.


One of the AP shop girls was making her way around the queue taking your line ticket and letting you pull a raffle ticket out a bag for the shopping order. I was anxious to get my ticket and see if it was lucky!
After an age the girl was nearly to me just 5 people ahead and she ran out of tickets! o_O

I waited a bit longer and tickets 1 to 10 were called, by 11.45 they had just called numbers 11 to 20 and I still hadn’t changed my ticket.

I could see all the people still waiting ahead of me on their mobile phones on the Angelic Pretty website buying the series! My iPhone doesn’t have Internet here so I couldn’t do the same :(

By 12pm I decided to cut my losses as some of the other people had done. If I was number 78 I doubt there would have been anything left and would have been waiting another 2 hours at least!
As I had left J waiting with our suitcases stationed in Asakusa I felt I couldn’t wait any longer for a slim chance of getting something.

Oh well. It was a fun experience but I think next time I’ll stay at home and order online.