We finally decided to visit Mt.Rokko! It took us 3 trains, a bus and a cable car ride to get there.


The cable car was a lot of fun, halfway along you cross paths with the other car.


Then at the top we had to take another bus! We decided to go to the observation spot.


Hmm….too cloudy. Never mind. There is a Beatrix Potter exhibit on at the moment, my parents used to read us her books when we were younger and we visited her old house on a holiday a long time ago. Also Pickles the dog is a character from one of the books, and our dog is called Pickles.




There wasn’t much to the exhibit, just these items and a small gift shop. We walked on to another small area with a gift shop and viewing area.



At the gift shop you can buy these clay discs and throw them over the edge, probably for luck? It cost ¥100 for all these.


I sucked at throwing them but J got his really far, onlookers even started applauding him!


We decided to relax on the veranda and J had this craft Mt.Rokko beer. It’s was actually very nice. As we were sat dark clouds started to roll in and grumbles of thunder.


Great – a thunder storm. It was really close, but we felt safe enough sat on the veranda looking at the view and drinking beer. I’d stupidly taken my umbrella out my bag that morning so we decided to sit it out and play monopoly on my iPad.


As it cleared up this beautiful rainbow appeared right by us! We could see both ends of it, but sadly no pots of gold!


After the bad weather we had a little better view.



There were lots of lovely chrysanthemums dotted around the mountain as well.

We had a good time but mostly because of the crazy storm and rainbow, I wouldn’t recommend going to people on holiday. Although I hear the night time view is beautiful, so we plan on going again and visiting Arima Onsen too.