Lolita: Winter International Lolita Day

Twice a year we have an International Lolita Day, the first Saturday in June and the first Saturday in December.

In June we went to the Alice in Wonderland Cafe, and this time to Universal Studios Japan.


Merry Christmas!

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Lolita make over shop Tokyo

A few weeks ago I found a fairly nice article on Masion de Julietta a lolita fashion dress up service in Tokyo. It wasn’t full of the usual inflammatory remarks and misconcepts The Daily Mail usually prints.


Has anyone been or planning on going? It’d be great if they could teach me some make up tricks and how to tie the perfect bow.



Milk Heart Bag

Is been too hot to wear lolita recently, I’m looking forward to September when it’s cooler and I can wear all my favorite dresses comfortably again.

Okinawa used to have a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright store in OPA on Kokusai Street but the whole store was closed for renovation, and reading some online posts now it might have closed before that anyway. I saw a sign for Sexy Dynamite London on Kokusai Street, with stairs leading up, I didn’t go in though as its not my style.

On my birthday we came across the most random store called Manga Soko Naha, we went in first as it was a UFO catcher place, but in the back it opened up into a second hand shop.

They had a 40th Anniversary Milk bag for ¥1800! Woah. I couldn’t believe it. I went to the counter to buy it expecting him to say it was a mistake it should be ¥11,800 or something but he didn’t! So happy. Lona and I have been drooling over the Milk heart bags for ages, but they cost ¥18,000 new.

The bag is in really good condition and very clean inside. Definitely the best bargain I ever got!

The shop had small sections of brand clothing such as Liz Lisa, Emoda, Milk (but only grotty old tshirts) and some handbags and purses from VW and Marc Jacobs, and it’s open 24 hours!

On our last night I wanted to take my new bag out on the town so wore very very casual lolita!