Lolita: Starbucks Sakura, Kira Imai Popbox, USJ and Hello Kitty Karaoke

I had a lovely weekend, first I nipped to Jane Marple to buy the Alice dress. The staff member was very sweet and remembered me from the other week, she took the dress I wanted off the rack without me reminding her which one or colour!

Then I met with Anne who is leaving Japan soon :( We visited Starbucks for a Sakura White Chocolate drink. I got the latte and thermos drinks cup.




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Indies lolita fair and Kira Imai x AP exhibit

On 29th July a friend and I went to a Indies lolita fair, Princess Dream 4. Sadly photos were strictly forbidden so I don’t have any snaps :(

You can see the event guide for it in the middle there.

It was really cool to go to, there were quite a lot of lolitas and 49 stalls. My favourites were –
Chaotica http://s.ameblo.jp/lyricoro/entry-11311211507.html
The cakie battenburg hats were amazing!
Marchen Merry http://www.marchenmerry.com/
Reminisce Berylhttp://reminisceberyl.yu-nagi.com

We wandered around for a while and then went to have a coffee around the corner, returning for the raffle at 3pm. You had one raffle entry with your ticket and one every time you spent over 500yen. There were plenty of prizes to go around but it seemed the same people kept on winning, a man in shirt and trousers had a handful of tickets and won 3-4 items!

Two Japanese lolitas really stood out, one wore a very rococo style lolita dress with large hat (maybe from Triple Fortune). The other were actually two girls twinning Angelic Prettys new Chocolate Rosette print. They looked flawless like they’d just come from an AP photoshoot.

We had another look around before we left but I didn’t buy anything, there was plenty I liked but nothing I parted money for. My friend got a very quirky cameo brooch with a bunch of grapes dangling from it, it’s so cute I can’t wait to see her coordinate with it.

It was still early(ish) so we decided to go by the Angelic Pretty x Kira Imai exhibit in Asakusabashi.


On the way we saw a cheap stall selling hats – ¥300 each! He said he’d do two for ¥500 so we ended up with two each! I do love a bargain!


In front of the gallery.

The lobby was really cute, full of vintage and bric a brac. Hidden between broken bits of dolls and clocks and in cabinets were items to buy.

At the back of the entrance was another room with Angelic Pretty prints on the walls, blythe dolls, a table laid with Kira Imai prints and postcards, three mannequins with AP dresses and a table with special Angelic Pretty event items.



The exhibition was ¥500 each and consisted of two rooms. The first was a display of Kira Imai prints and at the far end of the room a desk and shelving unit with cute eclectic items.

I really enjoyed looking at the art up close, you could really see the detailing. One or two of the pictures were a bit strange – a lolita with another lolita wearing a rabbits head straddling her with flowers and scissors floating around. Unusual.

Signing the guest book.

The second part of the display was downstairs, when I opened the door I though ooh goodie a shop! But it was the worst kind of shop-one with everything you wanted but couldn’t buy! It was a display set up like a typical AP shop with some of the most popular prints tagged with name and release date. It was fun spotting the ones I have and ones I lust for! There were also some special dresses on display like a red Milky-chan dress with added pompoms and diamantes that may have been used for a catwalk show or shop display.

We went back upstairs to look at the special event items, I bought some Kira Imai postcards. The special event AP items were tote bags, tshirts, pin bages and a postcard set.

The new AP cat tea party dress was on display as this weekend AP will be holding a tea party at the gallery where you can reserve the dress before anyone else.


I don’t really like cats (I’m a dog person) but this like cat man is so cute! I was sorely tempted by the tote with his face on but didn’t buy it.

However I couldn’t stop thinking about it and went back the next day for it!