Jesus Diamante and Dotonbori River

Sunday I met with the very lovely Lady Diana to shop! First we browsed Amemura, well I browsed and Diana bought some lovely things including an IW dress in the sale I’m very jealous of!

We took purikura!


Then ate at a Fugetsu in Big Step, I had an omelet and Diana had yakisoba, she was so hungry the poor thing and her food took ages to come! I loved the little character of the place.


Diana told me about the Jesus Diamante store in Umeda Sky Blg. Wah I had no idea! So we hopped on the subway and headed there!


Umeda Sky Bldg still had their Tanabata decorations up!


We met a really cute dog! His owner showed us pics of him dressed up for Halloween, what a placid dog! I showed him a pic of Pickles too <3

The Jesus Diamante store is in the West Tower on the first floor, at first we went to the wrong door and it was closed, but as we walked around in disappointment we found the right entrance!


You can see just how big and gorgeous the shop is on their website.


I want to live there! The owner(?) has collected lots of trinkets and old fashion books, it was really interesting.

Whilst browsing Diana pulled out one dress, and we both gasped loudly! It was perfect. Like a dream come true.


The website picture does it no justice at all. It is so beautiful. Like something Marie Antoinette would have actually worn <3 it costs ¥72,000. Too much ;_; though I've asked J to bury me in this dress so I can forever wear its beauty.

Afterwards I had to say goodbye to Diana, I will miss her amazing French accent!

J and I had plans to boat down Dotonbori River! It only costs ¥700 but it also only takes 20mins. With the festival lanterns up at the moment it's quite pretty.



We sailed past the famous Glico running man.

Then for dinner we ate some kushi katsu on the edge of the river.


The big ball at the top is a deep fried takoyaki ball, how much more Osakan could you get?!

Before going to bed we walked around for a bit to explore and get some exercise.