Japan: Shirakawa

After spending the night in Takayama we woke up early and joined a bus tour to Shirakawa. You can read my post on Takayama here.

Takayama to Shirakawa takes about 50 minutes and our cheery bus tour guide Yama-chan gave us a quick lesson on Shirakawa history on the way. He also have us maps and his recommendations.

The drive over was pretty scary actually, the roads were windy and snowy. We went through lots of tunnels, the longest being almost 11km!

Our first stop was the view point over Shirakawa where most of the promo pictures are taken from!


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Japan: Hida Takayama

I visited Takayama and Shirakawa for a weekend break from Osaka, I had such a fantastic time. There is too much to put in one post so I’ll break it into two…the Shirawaka part will come soon.

It’s a 5 hour bus ride to Hida Takayama (飛騨高山) from Umeda, we had 2 or 3 stops at service stations along the way though and I was able to sleep a little seeing I got up at 6am!



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