Osaka International Lolita Meet: Innocent World x Cafe Ann Doll Anniversary Happy Pie

Today I revisited Cafe Ann Doll with some new friends. There was one special anniversary happy pie left, and the lovely people that they are said I could have it <3

In the cabinet.

Special menu.


It’s too pretty to eat!




Underneath the strawberries was a lovely sweet vanilla custard, the pastry was very crisp and there was a lot of cream. It came with a choice of teas and I got earl grey which was delicious! Altogether it cost ¥1200. We received a warm welcome from the staff and owner again, he told us that the IW designer had been in recently and told her about the foreign lolitas coming in because of the cake!

I think the textures and flavours of the pie worked well together and I give the cake set 8.5/10. But for being a special cake which features on a lolita brand dress I will own, made by the friendly owner of the cafe that made us feel so welcome….10/10!


Innocent Worlds 15th Anniversary

Yesterday I met with some lovely lolitas studying at Kyoto University. I already knew Memz a little from the London lolita group but it was great to meet up and spend some time together.

First we went to the shops! Angelic Pretty, Near and then we got to Innocent World. Their samples for their anniversary dress were on display!


The Mont Blanc dessert just makes it for me! Casey decided to get the black jsk and I got the cream! Squee! It’s my first lolita in store reserve! As with the Liz Lisa LP I had to fill in a receipt with my name and telephone number, but also this time I had to pay in full. The dress should be ready around the 16th of June.


The dress was made in collaboration with their favorite tea room – Cafe Ann Doll. They have made the heart pastry for you to eat irl.


Sadly when we got there their IW tea set was sold out. It didn’t matter too much we ordered some other sandwiches and cakes off the menu.


The owner of the cafe was very sweet and came to talk to us, he gave us some face cream samples and lots of compliments! He helped me pick out my cake from the counter too. “This one. Delicious”. OK then!

He was right, it was delicious!

With the owner outside the cafe.

After saying goodbye we went to some more shops and took purikura.


Thank you for a lovely afternoon ladies!


New old dress

I forgot to post that I bought a new dress a few weeks ago. I was looking for a nice summer dress that was comfortable and ok for casual lolita as well as normal lolita!

In one of Osakas second hand lolita shops I found this IW jsk for ¥12000!


I wore it when I went for a picnic with J in Hommachi, the roses had just come into bloom.

(My hat kept getting blown off so I took it off!).


Kobe lolita shopping haul

Today I went to Kobe with J, first we went to Vivre to check out all my favorite shops.

Innocent World had some lovely things in the sale, I got:

Large brown velvet bow.

Marine Rose jsk, short, chocolate.

Beautiful lace bolero in brown.

Tulle lace smooth bolero, chocolate.

All 50% off!

After we headed to China town, got some gyoza and bubble tea.


Next we went to the Port area in Honeys I got these awesome boots, for ¥1995!


The port shopping centre had lots of valentines things –



They had this 3D picture opportunity too…


I had a really fun day and I can’t wait to wear my new clothes!