Tsuruhashi Danjiri

Quite by accident (as these things seem to happen) J came across Tsuruhashi Danjiri on his way to work. I didn’t hear about it until I saw it on his Facebook page on my way back from the Rilakkuma Event.

I googled it and found that it was associated with Yasaka Shrine in Tsuruhashi. In the evening we decided to walk towards it.

We could hear music and followed it to a 7 Eleven with a parade float!


The atmosphere was great, very friendly and high spirited.

A man was handing out pear Gari Gari ice lollies and gave me one too :D people were dancing around the float, and they kept picking it up and spinning it around.

Js new friend.

The 7 Eleven staff came out and bowed to the float.


Then the festival workers climbed up on the roof and started throwing out towels!


I tried to catch one but missed every time! J came back from getting a drink and I told him what he just missed….then I got tapped on the shoulder and a very nice man gave me his. Waa. And a police officer tapped J on the shoulder and gave him a special pink one too! People are so nice. We spoke to the man a little and I met his grandchild.

After a while the float was on the move!


Three men on the roof, dancing, and negotiating the narrow streets. We followed it for a while, and then decided to head to the shrine. We didn’t get far till we found the main street where there were loads of people and floats!


It was completely insane, people running with the floats, spinning them around, tipping them up (with people dancing on the roof!), and lots of children jumping up and down dancing and chasing the floats!


The police officer/security man gave J his light!

After a while we left that area and walked to the shrine via some festival stalls of goldfish, balloons and food on sticks.

At the shrine there was more of the same! A float even came up the steps into the shrine!


The men started throwing out mochi and J caught some! Whoop.

Wow we had such a fun evening! Thank you Tsuruhashi!