How to win on UFO crane machines


Its only in the last 3 months or so that we have been playing these and been successful more often than not. I’ve won some items with just 1 ¥100 play!


So here are my tips on how to win…

1) Look like a tourist. Maybe it’s morally wrong, but if you look like a your on vacation they are more likely to make it easy for you I think! (Either to make a nice holiday memory, or you’ve more disposable money!).

2) Ask them to move the prizes. Hope that the prize you want isn’t on the edge as asking them to move it resets the position and perhaps due to hint 1 often they position it easier.

3) Aim to hook the tag, it’s the more secure way of picking it up. However if its nicely positioned on the edge aim to nudge or flip the prize. For Rilakkuma we usually go for the neck or just below the ears to flip it over the edge, or use the claw to push down his belly/legs at the bottom to flip him when he’s hanging over the edge.



Woo hoo! He’s free!

Good luck! Happy catching!


Rilakkuma UFO haul

J tried to win more Rilakkumas over the weekend yay!

I really love the summer festival series!

We won….

A really old onsen series keitai charm.


Finally got the swimming ring keychain, happy coat keychain and fan matsuri one.




A guitar Rilakkuma from the Aloha series…for ¥100.


Then at the very end of the night another festival Rilakkuma, the assistant must have moved him closer to the edge 4-5 times but he sill wouldn’t jump off! See how easy the assistant tried to make it for us!


I know that the quality of the fansclub items isn’t as high as the Rilakkuma store items but I love these series and think they have a lot of personality. The keychain plushie quality is actually fairly low (5/10) but the small plushies are pretty good (8/10).


Rilakkuma: Rilakkuma Yukata UFO

We NEVER win on UFO machines! I have one Christmas rilakkuma from our trip in 2008 and that’s it.

For some reason we decided to try for the new rilakkuma summer season.


First we had to ask the staff member to move a yukata rilakkuma forward, and maybe he made if easy for us, but I don’t care, just so happy we won him.

We screamed and jumped up and down when he fell over the edge!