Merry Christmas!

The weekend was so busy first I rushed around on Sunday and bought last minute presents (and APs Chocolate Rosette for myself!). In the evening our first stop of the night was the German Christmas Market in Umeda.


It was like all the other Christmas markets we’d ever been to like Leeds and Dusseldorf! We drank some gluhwein out of Santa heads and then moved on to Osaka Hikari Renaissance.



There were many illuminations but the 3D light show was the best for me!

Our last stop of the night was Tennoji Luminance.



You could see Shinsekai in the background. It was so cold that night so I was happy to head home after half an hour!

Christmas eve and our wedding anniversary was another packed day. We exchanged gifts in the morning, we always try to buy traditional gifts and this year was leather or glass/crystal. I got J some wine glasses (which we needed) and some Christmas tree wagashi like the one we ate for our wedding meal. He got me an expensive beautifully cut glass with a Sakura shaped bottom, it’s a ‘rocks’ glass for umeshu and rocks (ice).

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Arashiyama Hanatouro

On Monday eve we went to Kyoto to do some Christmas shopping and visit Arashiyama for their light up festival Arashiyama Hanatouro.


We walked across the bridge to Hourinji Temple.

Which was lit up with a light show and had a group playing traditional music.


We only had about 20mins left before they turned off the lights for the night (at 8.30pm) so we had to move very quickly to the bamboo forest!

Taken on the run!


We made it just in time and even visited Nonomiya Shrine before close.