Osaka International Lolita Meet: Innocent World x Cafe Ann Doll Anniversary Happy Pie

Today I revisited Cafe Ann Doll with some new friends. There was one special anniversary happy pie left, and the lovely people that they are said I could have it <3

In the cabinet.

Special menu.


It’s too pretty to eat!




Underneath the strawberries was a lovely sweet vanilla custard, the pastry was very crisp and there was a lot of cream. It came with a choice of teas and I got earl grey which was delicious! Altogether it cost ¥1200. We received a warm welcome from the staff and owner again, he told us that the IW designer had been in recently and told her about the foreign lolitas coming in because of the cake!

I think the textures and flavours of the pie worked well together and I give the cake set 8.5/10. But for being a special cake which features on a lolita brand dress I will own, made by the friendly owner of the cafe that made us feel so welcome….10/10!


Happy 22nd of the month!


Happy 22nd! :D

I am eating this lovely Lawson strawberry roll cake, it’s only available on the 22nd of each month.



Apparently most people here get paid on the 25th of the month, so this is a cute cheap treat to cheer you up when you’ve already spent the majority of your wage. I get paid on the 15th though! More information can be found on the rocket news 24 website.

It’s pretty tasty! 8/10!


Hello Kitty Baby Mon Cher Cake

After a lovely day with Tomoko I met J for dinner, we ate at Asahi Tendon in Umeda, popped by the Rilakkuma store and then via the Daimaru food hall for desert!

Hello delicious looking Hello Kitty cakes!



It was made of about 80% cream so was really rich! I couldn’t even finish eating it :( though I was glad I bought it! I give it 7/10 for deliciousness and cuteness!