Beer Delivery!

In summer J and I visited all 4 Asahi Extra Cold bars in Japan, see here!

Before they closed we showed our 4 VIP cards and gave our names and addresses at the Osaka bar, in return a few weeks later we received beer vouchers.


We eventually filled these in and posted them off again.


And this is what we got today – 32 cans of fresh Asahi beer direct from the local Osaka Brewery!

Thank you Asahi!



Asahi Extra Cold Bar

I am definitely my fathers daughter when it comes to beer and am a bit partial to a cold glass of refreshing amber nectar.

In this heat (33 degrees!) you can’t beat it, and for the summer only Asahi have opened four extra cold bars around Japan where the beer is served around -2 degrees.

We first stumbled across one in the Ginza, Tokyo in June.


The next we found was in Nagoya.

This time we opted to pour our own!

Special cooling beer holder in the table!

Then Fukuoka!


And finally Osaka!

It’s free to have a lesson in pulling the perfect beer including getting that infamous Japanese beer head! Prices vary from ¥500 to ¥550 and you get a complimentary local snack with your first glass.

The menu also has a local twist and varies slightly at each place, however the spicy potato wedges were available at all and I highly recommend them!

Even though we have been to all 4 bars now I am missing my members card from Tokyo as I didn’t do the master class there.


I think I will have to venture back before they close in mid September! Rumour is if you have all 4 they will deliver you beer direct from the factory within 3 days of brewing so it is fresh and delicious!

But even if not it was a lot of fun visiting them in each city and learning how to pour a Japanese beer, maybe I can get a bar job now?!