Baby, the Stars Shine Bright x ITO EN x Lawson campaign

I participated in the Lawson x BTSSB campaign today.

It starts with buying an ITO EN product such a green tea or Teas Tea. I got some orange and bergamot teas tea with free BTSSB tape.


And another with free printed tissues.


You can see all the available ones here and below.


To enter the prize draw to win one of 6 prizes you have to purchase the drink in store, use your ponta card and then go online.


Your receipt has a special number on.


First you register online, and then enter the number, this gives you one point to use in the draw. One point is one draw for a clear plastic file, and a chance for the photoshoot is 30 points. One point is earnt per drink bought up to 99!

I tried for the clear file twice!


You flip a coin and can pick your side.



It seems very difficult to win something and involves a lot of effort – buying drinks, registering points and the playing the raffle. I’m glad I tried it and got some free BTSSB tape but not sure Ill go to the effort of doing it again!