Lolita: Wardrobe Post Jan 2014

January’s EGL theme is always Wardrobe Posts! Yay. I love seeing other peoples lolita collection but more often than not makes me fall for a print and then I spend money! I often find stock photos are really unflattering and other peoples photos capture the real beauty of the pieces.

My wardrobe starting 2014 hasn’t changed much since 2013, compared to others my wardrobe is very small. Having lived in Japan for more than 18months now I haven’t bought much since being here. Of course I don’t earn as much here (a third of my UK wage) and seeing the items irl before buying means I can try them on and consider my purchases a lot more. As lolita is more available I don’t feel I have to quickly snap things up either. I’ve mixed some more offbrand and casual styles in nowadays as I’m also getting older I’ve moved away from sweet even more.


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