Rilakkuma: JINS PC x Rilakkuma Collaboration Vol 2

My JINS PC x Rilakkuma volume 2 glasses arrived! Woohoo.


Almost exactly a year since the first JINS PC x Rilakkuma glasses they teamed up with San-x again for Rilakkuma glasses volume 2.


Things were a little different this time, all the glasses were available for pre-order. I placed my order on 4th September, and the series release was down for October 22nd. As I was due to leave Japan on the 17th of October I had them delivered to a friends address.


The glasses were 4900yen, my prescription lenses were 2000yen and delivery was 552yen making a total of 7452yen (about £40). I received a delivery notice email on October 12th so they were shipped a little earlier than expected (but still not soon enough for me to get them from my friend before I left!).



Opened glasses.


Yay Im really happy with them, they are a dark matte brown and same size and fit as my brown and orange ones from the original release. The only sign that they are Rilakkuma are the three characters inside the arm of the frames, which suits me fine as I need to wear these for a professional job.

Im a bit worried that the glasses case will get grubby and marked easily but the lens cloth is really cute.


As usual I got the plain lenses so I can swap them back in if I decide to sell them or anything.

You can watch the promotional movie below.

The JINS PC Rilakkuma mini site seems to have stopped working, but you can see the details of the release on the San-x website here.

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