Festivals: Tamatsukuri Inari & Gion Maturi

On July 15th I attended Tamatsukuri Inari shrine summer festival (my local shrine) and the following day in pre-tyhoon weather went to Gion Matsuri in Kyoto.


Sadly I couldn’t enjoy much of the festival at Tamatsukuri, I rushed there from work and arrived at 9:40pm, just enough to catch the last 20 minutes.


Js picture from before I arrived.


I got myself a drink and tamagosen (egg on prawn cracker with okinomiyaki sauce) and stood watching for a while.


The danjiri dancing was really fun as always, I love how these guys throw shapes.

The following day it was windy and rainy, typhoon no 11 was around….I had a lucky finish from work, and made plans to meet with Grace in Kyoto about 8pm.


Because of the typhoon warning it was much quieter than it should have been. We walked past the Yamaboko (floats) and chatted along the way.



Making a brief stop for takoyaki! Yay.


I picked up some special Gion style yatsuhashi for J as he couldn’t make it this year.

We asked a passer-by to take a pic of us, but she was next to hopeless, she chopped our heads off and all were totally out of focus. We gave up and did it ourselves, but chopped the Yamaboko off! Haha.


We walked along the stalls back to the train station.


Angry man because I took a photo of his stall without playing, sorry!


Grace tried her first candied fruit! It was a success!


Of course we found time for purikura before leaving, we did an epic Yamaboko pose but werent able to download that picture from the link. Sad face.

Gion matsuri website – http://www.gionmatsuri.jp/

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