Osaka: Shitennoji flea market

I visited the Shitennoji flea market in June, its held on the 21st and 22nd of each month.



We arrived about 10:30am which wasnt too bad as the stalls were still full and the place was busy but not overcrowded. The first stalls to catch my eye were of course the kimono/yukata stalls.


This one had just a leisure sheet on the floor and the items thrown on, you had to get on your hands and knees and rummage. A smart guy had brought a tape measure to check the sizing.


The other stalls were a mix of junk and collectibles, though we did find a few gems like some vintage porn, deer antlers, swords and guns.





Cute and a tad creepy.


J had fun rummaging around for bits and Hanshin Tigers memorablilia, whilst Kelsey and I looked for kimono/yukata. I bought a lovely used indigo yukata with wave design on the bottom for 500yen (800yen for two or 1000yen for 3!) and a tenuki for 300yen. Annoyingly I left my bag with my goods on the train coming home ;(




A whole side of the market was dedicated to food and so we could get some festival food to power the hunting.


The stall owner was just sat on the table in the middle of all the clothes!!!

After about 2 hours we were finished and headed out! I really enjoyed the market, having a rumage and discovering random things, the people were your typical working class Osakans so lots of characters there. There were more stalls than I expected and Im super sad I lost my purchases on the way home, but plan to go again next month so hopefully I can replace them.

Shitennoji Market – 21st and 22nd of every month, 8:30am-4:00pm, about 300 stalls.

More flea market information here:

2 thoughts on “Osaka: Shitennoji flea market

  1. I went to an antique market like this in Tochigi not long ago, I should make a post about it too! It looked quite similar to yours. I bought a beautiful kimono there for a great price, hope I get a chance to wear it one day! I’m going again this Sunday, hoping to find some nice vintage china this time :D

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