Lolita: Uji Byodoin Temple and matcha

April 26th we had a lolita meet up in Uji, Kyoto arranged by the lovely Grace.


First we all met up and went to the tearoom, Uji has quite a few famous tea rooms and Tokichi is one of them. When we arrived there was a thirty min wait but we decided to wait.


The cafe does green tea soba as a speciality but I fancied sweets! I got the seaonal special with strawberries.



Afterwards we all went to Byodoin Temple, it was my first time to visit and I was excited as its the temple featured on the 10 yen coin!







All the wisteria was in bloom when we visited it was so pretty.




We went in the temples museum, mostly to escape the heat and enjoy the aircon but it had an intersesting display of figures inside too.

After walking around the temple for an hour or so we left to walk down Omotesando Street where there are lots of stalls and places to buy tea, seeing as J came in Jan and bought me a ton of tea I didnt need anymore.

People were ready for food and drinks again so we went to the second cafe of the day – Iwai. I was really lagging so just got a coffee but everyone else got some interesting yuzu drink where you had to grate the ginger in.


I really enjoyed our meet up in Uji, Im actually planning on returning this summer with J to watch cormorant fishing one evening.

Byodin Temple:

Thanks to Grace for organising and Aki for some of the pics!! <3


4 thoughts on “Lolita: Uji Byodoin Temple and matcha

  1. That is a lot of amazing beauty! You are all adorable in your Lolita outfits. I’m getting a crush. I like that photo where you and your super-pretty dark haired friend are taking a selfie. I have the super-red hots for that beauty (and hope my wife does not read this).

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